Demo/Test Layout

(For testing my LocoNet Block Occupancy and DCC Signalling Accessory Decoder)

This is a small (1400mm x 800mm) N-Scale test/demo layout designed to test and demonstrate the various DIY elements needed to electronically control a LocoNet based, DCC layout including a fully operational signalling system.

To achieve all this I will be using the following:

Below is a photo from above so you get some idea of the overall size and proportion.

Here's the view from overhead. The dimensaions are 1400mm x 810mm.

The length of the siding can accomodate about three locos.

I'm controlling the four turnouts with a MERG ACC4 Dcc Accessory Decoder kit. There are more details here

Here are some close-ups of the turnout motors. The little black box mounted under the veroboard is a 12V latching relay to switch the frog polarity when the turnout position is changed.

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