The TV/VCR Infrared Remote Throttle - Version 2

Version 2 now has the following new features:

The main motivation for developing a throttle that used a common IR Remote was to have a simple throttle that I could give to my young children to use which would handle being dropped much better than my DT400! Also there are a lot less buttons for them to learn to use and they can't really get into trouble by pressing any of the other buttons. It should also be useful for visitors as I only have a single DT400 throttle, which is a bit of a problem currently.

It has been developed on my LocoDev PCB. The full source code is available in the CVS Archive and snapshots can be downloaded from the Files section of the SourceForge project.

The throttle has the following features:

I've been trying it on my layout and it seems to work quite well. I think mounting the IR receiver high up on the wall in the middle of the layout would be best but it worked ok just sitting it on the shelf at one end, so long at the sun wasn't shining directly into the IR detector. I powered it off the LocoNet UP5 that is separately powered but it also seems to work ok powered directly from the DCS100.

I showed my 6 year old daughter which buttons to press and she was off running trains in no time. They like to be able to turn the lights on and off. A few minutes later she tried to show my 3 year old son what to do, but he didn't end up getting a turn. :(( Hmmm... I think I'll have to make it dual channel so it will support two remotes!

Below is a generated image of the LocoDev PCB with the components to make a IR Throttle and PC RS232 LocoNet interface

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